XAI Hackathon

Date: July 05, 2024

img XAI Hackathon

Hackathon date: 5–6 July 2024

Scientists from the KDD-Lab are hosting in Pisa a 2-day Hackathon on 5–6 July 2024, open to Master’s and PhD students. This event will immerse Junior Researchers in a real-world challenge through the lens of explainable artificial intelligence (XAI), providing an opportunity to engage with current XAI frameworks,analyze complex data, and work towards improving the transparency and trustworthiness of AI models.

This opportunity is open to PhD candidates and Master’s students from any academic institution in Pisa. Teams will be guided by senior academics from the KDD-Lab, who will provide expert mentorship and support, ensuring that participants can leverage advanced research insights and methodologies in their projects.

More information on the hackathon site